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Buffalo Bill Cody was born  in 1846 and became Famous as a Plainsman.  He spent time with Wild Bill Hickock who became one of his best friends. As a young man he rode for the Pony Express and was a Buffalo Hunter for the Kansas Pacific Railroad feeding the railroad workers fresh meat everyday. He became a scout for the Untied States Army and was chief of scouts for 10 different Generals. He fought in 12 major campaigns during the Indian Wars and was awarded The Congressional Medal of Honor for his bravery.

He later met a man named Ned Buntline who wrote a Blood and Thunder Dime Novel about him. Later on after The Famous Buffalo Hunt with The Grand Duke Alexei , the youngest son of the Czar of Russia and many other notables such as General George Armstrong Custer and Spotted Tail of the Minneconjou  Sioux, He ended up in New York City and began an acting career.

His Wild West performances lead to a Grand exhibition called Buffalo Bill's Wild West. The exhibition lasted over 30 years. It was referred to as "America's National Entertainment". The Troupe brought the Wild West all across the United States and Europe, performing in The United Kingdom for Queen Victoria at her 50th anniversary Jubilee.  In 1885 Annie Oakley "Little Sure Shot" joined the Wild West. In the same year The famous chief Sitting Bull also became part of the exhibition. Bill Cody became good friends with Sitting Bull and when  Sitting Bull left the Wild West to go back to his reservation to help his people, Buffalo Bill presented him with a beautiful White Stallion that Sitting Bull rode for his performance. The horse would dance when it heard gunfire. He was also Presented with a wonderful white Stetson hat just like Buffalo Bill wore.

 William F. Cody, Buffalo Bill became the most famous man in the entire world.

It is my great honor to Portray such a Man.

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